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Ferrari GTC4Lusso


When you rent a Ferrari GTC4Lusso, you are taking your driving experience to the next level. Ferrari has given a whole new meaning to luxury vehicles with the GTC4Lusso design. This four-seat Ferrari combines luxury, performance and versatility all into one vehicle.
The Ferrari GTC4Lusso is designed for four people. However, don’t let this fool you. The engine has 680 horsepower engine that can go from 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds without hesitation. True to its racing roots, the GTC4Lusso is built for speed. You will experience the same type of handling with the GTC4Lusso that you would in a Ferrari California T.
The interior of the Ferrari GTC4Lusso is large enough to be comfortable for all four passengers but sleek enough to keep that Ferrari sports car look. The dash has all the “bells and whistles” that you would anticipate in a supercar.
If you are looking for the ultimate driving experience in an exotic vehicle, you will love the Ferrari GTC4Lusso. This vehicle does not compromise on anything. Every feature, whether it is the design of the engine or the material used for the seats, is sublime.
Make the most of your time in Beverly Hills by putting yourself behind the wheel of a Ferrari GTC4Lusso. Reserve your vehicle now for your visit to Los Angeles and ride around in style while you are here. Unlike the Ferrari 488, which only allows you to travel with one companion, the GTC4Lusso has room for three of your friends to join you on your adventure.
The four wheel handling of the GTC4Lusso will easily maneuver on California roads. Whether you are on a flat and dry straightaway, or a wet and curve filled street, this Ferrari will handle the road like only a Ferrari can.